To find out details on how to support Darlene Necan, please email the First Nations Solidarity Working Group of union local CUPE 3903 at:

Darlene Necan and the CUPE 3903 First Nations Solidarity Working Group (as an affiliate of the International League of People’s Struggles) have been organizing together since November 2012.


Below are some avenues of support that other grassroots people have created since learning of the legal charges against Darlene Necan, under the Public Lands Act.

These 2 petitions have been created:

People are also contacting premier Kathleen Wynne at: or 416-325-1941.

Steve Watson, retired Unifor staff and Darlene Necan supporter, called and said: “Saw the story on CBC National on Darlene Necan. Shocked to learn this Ojibway woman at Savant Lake is charged by Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources because she built herself a little cabin where her ancestors lived for thousands of years. She doesn’t have $20,000 for a fine. There’s no housing on the reserve for her. You said you want to turn a new page with the native people on Ontario. Okay then! Please do the right thing. Drop the charges against Darlene Necan.”

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